Small Business Taxes & Accounting Guide: LLC, Sole Proprietorshi

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Do you have a small business, but all the talk of tax returns and payrolls is weighing you down? Worried about an audit from the IRS?

Look no further! Written with the beginner in mind, inside this detailed guide you\'ll find everything you need to make perfect sense of the world of tax returns, deductions, and business finance, including:

  • Understanding Payrolls, 401k, And Health Plans
  • The Key Differences Between a S-Corp, C-Corp, Partnership, and Sole Proprietorship
  • Types (And Benefits!) Of Different Business Entities Including LLCs
  • The Common Payroll Mistakes to Avoid
  • Survival Tips For an Audit From The IRS!
  • And More!

You\'ll also get a FREE bonus guide for using Quickbooks - a killer tool for tracking and organizing your business info. So drop the confusing and conflicting advice and start your journey to business success! With everything you need on payrolls, IRS audits, deductions, tax returns, and more, this book is your one stop to a healthy and functioning business!

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