Subconscious Mind

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Strengthen your subconscious mind muscle, tame it, reprogram it and take conscious control over it such that it does everything you consciously want to do.

Did you know that over 80% of the decisions we make stem from our subconscious mind, at an emotional level? While we make decisions consciously, the truth is that the subconscious mind runs the show for most of us.

In fact, it is as if we just run on autopilot and our conscious part of the brain just 'rubber stamps' the decisions or preferences from our subconscious mind. In simple terms, while we may seem to be consciously in control of our thoughts and actions, the truth is that our conscious mind is hardly even aware of what's happening, as the subconscious mind runs the show! We (our conscious self) are like puppets that our subconscious mind controls whether we are awake or asleep!

Here an interesting fact; when you let your subconscious mind operate with no semblance of conscious control of what it concentrates on and makes habitual, the probability of your life being desirable (to you and others) is slim. When your subconscious mind rules you, you operate on impulse, which translates to lack of self-discipline, chronic procrastination, low productivity, you having bad habits, you not having high emotional intelligence and much more.

If all this sounds familiar and you want to change all that, here is good news for you; you can turn the tables to your favor such that you make you lord over your subconscious mind instead of the letting it rule.

How then can you turn the tables to your favor? This book will show you how.

Binding / Paperback: 52 pages

Publish Date: April 17, 2019