Sundays at Tiffany's

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The successful but lonely daughter of a powerful New York theater icon falls for her imaginary friend in this touching love story.
Jane Margaux is a lonely little girl. Her mother, a powerful Broadway producer, makes time for her only once a week, for their Sunday trip to admire jewelry at Tiffany\'s. Jane has only one friend: a handsome, comforting, funny man named Michael. He\'s perfect. But only she can see him.
Michael can\'t stay forever, though. On Jane\'s ninth birthday he leaves, promising her that she\'ll soon forget him. Years later, in her thirties, Jane is just as alone as she was as a child. And despite her own success as a playwright, she is even more trapped by her overbearing mother. Then she meets someone-a handsome, comforting, funny man. He\'s perfect. His name is Michael . . .