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About Swanky Retreats Magazine

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Swanky Retreats is a travel magazine of carefully curated content about luxury travel destinations, dining, shopping, hotels, spas and more. Enjoy firsthand travel stories, expert travel tips, top 10 lists, and other swanky content.


Swanky Retreats is a travel magazine featuring articles about the hottest travel destinations around the world. Discover ways to stay swanky by traveling outside the ordinary.

Get the insider scoop and gorgeous photography of the most elegant, exclusive and trendy vacation hotspots, hotels, shops, restaurants, spas, bars and more. Feel inspired by stories and letters from experienced globe trekkers, and set the tone for your stay based on the reviews in this publication.

From private islands and hidden countrysides to historic neighborhoods and bustling city streets, readers will love to learn the best travel destinations for authentic, luxury vacations.

Uncover what fuels the heart of each city. Go on a culinary journey, take a dip in the cool waters of an inclusive spa, and find yourself embraced by the charm of island life through the pages of this magazine without ever leaving home.

Readers with a wanderlust who believe travel should be sophisticated and unique would love a Single Issue of Swanky Retreats!