Swimming Pool Basics For Servicing Professionals: Learn The Basi

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There are thousands of swimming pools that need servicing every day! Swimming pool servicing business is desirable for many reasons; you can make your own schedule, it has a relatively low startup cost, it is not usually affected by economy downturn and it has GREAT income potential! If you are a sole residential pool technician you can expect anywhere from 50k-100k average in California for your first year! If you have entrepreneur mind your income potential is unlimited. A lot will depend if you are servicing only pool chemicals or repairing/replacing pool equipment, whether it\'s a small residential pool or a large commercial pool. As with any business, annual income can vary based on number and type of accounts you have. If you are working part time or full time and if you are working solo or growing and hiring other technicians under you. If you are new to pool servicing business, you should first learn the basics of swimming pool. This book gives you great foundation in learning swimming pool basics period! If you want to grow your business exponentially and at minimum double your income you must tap into servicing commercial swimming pool. These are more reliable source of income and offer long term contracts. The work is not all that different but upsides are great! However before you can service commercial pool, you must pass a state exam to service swimming pool and become certified. This book will help you in passing your state exam, familiarize you in commercial swimming pool codes/regulations and gives you great ideas in growing your pool cleaning business. This book contains all topics covered on the exam and lays basics of swimming pool with emphasis on regulation codes for commercial swimming pool. It can also help in your private certification courses such as National Swimming Pool Foundation, Certified Pool Operator and Association of Pool & Spa Professionals. Both public and private pools in some jurisdiction must be serviced by a certified Swimming Pool Service Technician or Apprentice Technician license. If you own a swimming pool business or manage a swimming pool business, this book can help you grow your business by offering servicing that you never thought of before. It is also a great resource for new employees into your business; it\'s a good recruitment guide and helps your employees in passing their exam. In specifics this book will cover: + Pool chemistry (pH, disinfectant, TDS, alkalinity, TDS, etc). +Testing of water (DPD test, testing for iron, hardness, alkalinity, etc) +Recirculation system and other equipment (filters, pumps, chlorinators, skimmers, heaters, etc) +Calculations (turnover rate, Occupancy, SQ Ft, other formulas) and more. +Practice test! +Extracted commercial swimming pool codes that pertain to your inspection +Ideas to help you grow your business. +Regulation and codes cited for great reference. +THIS BOOK IS NOT A HOW TO RUN A SERVICING BUSINESS OR HOW TO SERVICE A POOL IN SPECIFICS. THIS IS A BOOK FOCUSES ON LEARNING THE POOL BASICS IN GENERAL AND EMPHASIS ON LEARNING THE REGULATION CODE AND PASSING THE EXAM, WITH IDEAS ON GROWING YOUR BUSINESS. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE PLEASE PREVIEW THE BOOK AND CLICK ON CONTENT.