Tarot Magick

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Occultism and magick is rife with symbols. In fact, the very basis of magick and occult is symbology. Everything is symbolic of some higher truth. From the rituals we preform to the books we read. We are immersed in the power and magick of symbols.There are moments in the occultists and magicians life that require us to pay attention to symbols. Often these symbols can give you insight into your life. The tarot cards are one aspect of occultism that I feel is worth paying close attention to. The symbols that is. Tarot cards have been used for centuries, some say even thousands of years to either foretell the future or to give the person who is having the reading a sense of direction towards life in general or for a very specific issue they are having. I have had my tarot cards read several times and I always found them insightful. Yes, it is helpful if the person who is reading the tarot cards for you is knowledgeable, but often the symbols themselves, if you pay close attention can give you some guidance. Since you do not have control over the cards you draw; the shuffling and choosing of cards becomes an unconscious act. Something, a spirit perhaps or just your subconscious mind is guiding your hands to pick the cards that you pick. Some would say even fate herself. In this book, we will not be focusing on tarot cards as a source of knowledge about the future, there are plenty of good books for that. We will be dealing with the tarot cards in a different way, we will be using them as a driving force for magickal practice. It is a fair assessment to say that Tarot card symbology is quite powerful and aside from divination it can be driving engine for magick. I know personally I used it, I used to get someone back into my life. It worked so well that I needed to have the ritual reversed by a powerful Shaman. So please take heed, tarot cards are a very powerful magnet. Their symbols have a spiritual force.

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Publish Date: 22 August 2015