Telekinesis for Beginners

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Discover the Super Powers of Your Mind with Telekinesis You may or may not have heard of people moving objects around just by focusing on them with their mind. Some people believe this to be just science fiction. But there is a proven science behind the ability to use our mind in this powerful way; called Telekinesis. This basically is the science of moving objects with our minds. Interesting fact is that we all have this ability that we can tap into, if we choose to put the time and study into learning how to do it. It’s not like the super heroes in the movies who throw objects around and make things explode. With time and practice anyone we can learn to focus your attention to make a candle flame move and other fun and amazing activities. This book explains more about the science of Telekinesis along with some simple exercises that will help to improve your concentration. Whether you are interested in learning to move objects around with your mind, or you just want t learn how to improve your focus and concentration, this book is a quick, helpful and interesting read. Super Powers of your mind information you will discover inside: What is Telekinesis How to have Mind over Matter Improving your level of Concentration From Visualization to Meditation Importance of Relaxation And Much more!

Binding / Paperback: 44 pages

Publish Date: 3 June 2015