The AAU Basketball Bible

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Do You Want To Know The Best To Do AAU Basketball?
This book holds the answers to all of your questions about the new world of AAU basketball. Inside its pages are step by step directions on how to navigate the AAU basketball landscape successfully for you and your young player.

The writings in this book are based off of over 40 interviews with...

  • Youth basketball leaders
  • D1 Coaches
  • Nationally Ranked High School Players
  • Euroleague Basketball Players
  • College Basketball Players
  • Basketball Parents and
  • NBA Veterans.

This is a must read for any young basketball player and their family!

This book will save you and your family from needless stress and thousands of dollars. Read this book if you are serious about helping your young player understand and succeed in the world of AAU basketball. Author Troy Horne is a dad who knew nothing about the sport of basketball except that his son wanted to grow up to play the sport professionally.

About The Author: As a former professional musician, Broadway star and television actor he had an hypothesis. That hypothesis was that there were certain truths that held fast in all professional industries. He believed that the staples of work hard, master your skills, meet the right people, and put yourself in the right places were not only essential for the music business, but essential for all professions. So he went in search of the information that he thought that he would need to help his son Moses reach his basketball goals and dreams.

The AAU Basketball Bible is a collection of that research. Want to know everything that you better know about AAU basketball in 2020 and beyond?

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 130 pages

Publish Date: July 18, 2018