The Black Kiss of Death

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What happens when a young man that's hungry and from the gritty streets assembles a team of thoroughbred men and women and instills in them the hustle mentality of getting to the top by any means necessary? Historically one must ask themselves what is a King without his Queen, after all beside every GREAT man has always been an equally great and formidable woman. Meet Charles White, the man in search of greatness and the opportunity to rule it all. He finds this while on his grind for a reliable plug. One look at Pearl El Cano and he inherently knows that no matter what it takes and what he has to do SHE WILL BE HIS. Learning that Pearl is the only daughter of the head of the deadliest cartel in Cuba only further solidifies his decision to make her his. From these two, one can only imagine what their offspring will be like. Diamond has the best of both worlds. While her mother is knowledgeable of the world her father rules, she has instilled in her daughter to become the consummate lady. No matter how hard she tries, however, Diamond has the blood of both her grandfather and father flowing through her veins and the only path she is destined to travel is one where she is the consummate player fated to lead them all. After losing her first love to violence and the tragic loss of many pivotal people in her life, a beast is unleashed that the world isn't ready for. She wears the crown and brandishes her weapons with the best of them. Even when the queen is surrounded by pawns she steps up and handles her business, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! Diamond's motto: Some women choose to follow men, some women choose to follow their dreams but when your name is Diamond White, The Black Kiss Of Death the choice is easy, follow NO ONE and leave a blaze of fire in your wake!!!

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 264 pages

Publish Date: September 25, 2018