The Fun Knowledge Encyclopedia Volume 2

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The Fun Knowledge Encyclopedia Volume 2: The Crazy Stories Behind the World's Most Interesting Facts

Contributor(s): O'Neill, Bill (Author)
ISBN: 1984268708   EAN: 9781984268709
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform    
US SRP: $14.95 US 
Binding: Paperback: 184 pages
Pub Date: January 27, 2018
Annotation: Are you a real trivia nerd who just can't get enough of trivia, fun facts and interesting stories that surely will impress anyone that you're having a conversation with? Then The Fun Knowledge Encyclopedia is for you! Packed with interesting trivia stories, this will surely be the funniest "encyclopedia" you've ever read!
You probably even know someone who always has some cool piece of knowledge that blows your mind. Perhaps you wish that you had some of those nuggets of information at your own disposal?
This encyclopedia is crammed full of those small pieces of information that will suddenly make the world seem like a more logical place to live. Covering a wide array of both topics as well as categories, you never know where our book of facts is going to take you next. From fun-based ideas to those that are more serious alongside those things that just make you sit up and think ‘wow I never knew that!’ you will ultimately become that person that always seems to have those cool points that they can just throw into any conversation.
So, sit back and enjoy the journey that you are about to go on with page after page of facts that will hit every part of you. Easy to read, and interest around every corner, this encyclopedia is the kind of book you have always been looking for, and if it’s not then there will more than likely be some fact that would explain to you why that is the case.

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