The Genesis of the Rib

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For a select few, dating and marriage can seem as smooth and blissful as a fairy tale-childhood sweethearts; chance encounters; a story to tell the grandkids about.For the rest of us, the truth is that finding a match can be a long, difficult, painful, and discouraging road. When we face each other's human flaws, troubled pasts, destructive habits, and lingering traumas, trying to find and maintain a relationship can begin to feel almost impossible. Thankfully, however, there is one matchmaker whose advice does not fail: God Himself.In The Genesis of the Rib, author Nadine Batie takes us all the way back to the beginning to examine the world's first couple, Adam and Eve, in search of God's guidance for those of us who need the help. Drawing from Scripture as well as the author's own experiences with disastrous dates, toxic relationships, and more, this book seeks to provide readers with the tools to build and keep the lasting, fulfilling, holy relationships that we've hoped for all along. The author has had many obstacles to overcome to write this book. She always struggles with reading because she had dyslexia and was an audible learner. She never enjoyed reading or writing too much. She remembers taking speech, speed reading, and often had to get extra help to gain skills in the area of reading and writing. She never began to read well until she started reading the bible. Nadine Batie is excited about this book because she remembers her struggles and is grateful to God for giving her the idea and the wisdom to write this book.

Binding / Paperback: 146 pages

Publish Date: February 9, 2021