The Illicit Game

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Loosely based on the story of Lanny and Nicole Donovan, The Illicit Game is an odyssey chronicling the rise and fall of their booming multi-million-dollar cocaine and prostitution business. Lanny has come a long way since his days as a paperboy. It all started in the ‘80s, with his Colombian girlfriend Maria. These days, he’s an advocate for legalizing the world’s oldest profession, prostitution. It’s his street name, “Junior,” that’s on people’s lips when it comes to cocaine. He’s worked hard to become a quiet kingpin, standing in the midst of two lucrative illicit businesses. Some of the people who called him “nigger” and “jungle bunny” all those years ago now unknowingly line his pockets with cash. Lanny can be seen rubbing elbows with local high rollers on any given night of the week, and always with a beautiful girl by his side. But the rules are changing. Lanny knows how to adapt, but his partner in crime may be another story. From the moment he met Maria, Lanny knew he was on to something. When call-girls Maria, Frosty, Emilie and Nicole transform themselves from mediocre sex workers to the city’s most intoxicating, sought-after escorts, leaving clients breathless— and penniless—from their potent spells; painted lips, long lacquered nails, high heels, and condoms a few tools of the trade to boot. Lanny suspects he has met the one. Nicole knows all the tricks of the trade. Or so she thinks. This is no Cinderella story, it’s thought-provoking. The Illicit Game shamelessly delves into the naked truth, playing homage to the city’s cocaine and prostitution scene through colorful characters and provocative culture. One, for detail, Lanny places language and lifestyle at the forefront. Don’t be fooled, this story comes straight from the seedy underworld, and provides insight. It dangerously provokes whilst addressing the complex and volatile cocaine trade. The Illicit Naked Truth reveals the naked truth behind the ever- evolving illicit sex industry clients, emotion, passion, and money. Investigators discovered to their woe, Lanny ran his territory with a tight fist. Respected and admired by most, hated by a few. Now divorced from both business and wife, here’s his side of the story.

Binding / Paperback: 258 pages

Publish Date: September 11, 2019