The Mack's Bible

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THE UNDERSTANDING ABOUT WOMEN KNOWN ONLY TO AN ELITE FEW, NOW REVEALED… A Mack is the ultimate gentleman. But a gentleman on his terms, not the woman’s terms. A Mack knows what women REALLY want and is able to deliver it with precision and confidence. This information has been tried, tested and proven effective over countless decades. This is the REAL GAME that many have sought but were not able to possess. Here are just some of the things you’ll discover within these pages: The 5 (plus 1) greatest needs of a woman and how to fulfill them What being a MAN actually means and how to develop your manhood The methods of seducing a woman QUICKY – it can even be done in a single date How to program (and reprogram) your thinking to bring out your natural CONFIDENCE How to APPROACH women anytime and anywhere – rid yourself of “approach anxiety” How to hold a conversation with any woman and NEVER run out of conversation What to do and NOT do on a date How to date, sleep with and manage MULTIPLE women Date almost any girl you WANT – age, career and relationship status won’t matter Gain more RESPECT from women (and even other males) Have women CHASE you for a change Capture ALL of the woman – not just her sex, but her mind, heart, body and soul You ALREADY have what it takes to be successful with women. You just need to learn HOW to bring that out. Let the wisdom in The Mack’s Bible become a light to see through the darkness of meeting, dating and having more women!

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 378 pages

Publish Date: April 14, 2016