The Mafia Wife

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Although Ayoki loved her husband, there were secrets she held that she could never bring herself to mention. Mentioning such secrets could possibly ruin what she considered the perfect marriage to the perfect man. She was a prophetess after all, a woman who could see into the lives of strangers but was unable to see into the lives of her loved ones. She was a well-respected woman of the church– There was no reason to bother her husband about secrets of her past. He had other things to deal with. Zaedan loved his wife dearly, just as much as she loved him– but like her, he had a multitude of secrets that he wouldn’t dare bother her with. There was no need to sit around and discuss details about him running a ruthless crime family. There was no reason to discuss vicious murders, threats, and robberies that him and his crew put forth in the city. She had better things to deal with. Besides… he wasn’t going to do it forever. An epic love story about the root of all failed friendships and relationships: secrets. Sometimes life will throw us a test that we must pass in order to move on from. In the event that we fail, life will then bring us the same test in a different form until we show that we’ve learned the lesson. There is no avoiding the test. Even if we leave, the test will then be passed to other family members. No matter what, the tests have to be passed.

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 306 pages

Publish Date: January 17, 2020