The Master Identity Thief

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The first time Dartanyon A. Williams experimented with identity theft, he was fifteen years old, and the identity in question belonged to his father. From gaming credit card companies and retail stores, to fooling car lots and financing it all with a successful drug enterprise, Dartanyon went on to build a million-dollar, forty-member, multilevel crime ring before his twenty-third birthday—then lost it all before finally finding himself in the depths of solitary confinement.

Follow Dartanyon’s riveting story of self-discovery on one side of this two-volume book, then turn to our national story of white-collar crime enablement, theft, and institutional opportunism on the other side, as he uncovers just how vulnerable we are.

The Master Identity Thief takes us down memory lane—from the death of Dartanyon’s parents’ and grandparents’ identities to the rebirth of his own. It brings in patriotic and spiritual undertones, tackling difficult subjects through an autobiographical redemption memoir. Readers are invited to take a walk in Dartanyon’s shoes, experiencing the familial, spiritual, and societal redemption he found, then to carry that experience forward into a safer future for us all.

Binding / Paperback: 478 pages

Publish Date: March 27, 2020