The Naked Truth

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After receiving a vivid prophetic dream and vision in 1996, Hazel Holland, a former, third generation Seventh-day Adventist (SDA), began studying the Bible in order to understand the meaning behind the vivid imagery she had been shown. Although she had been a teacher of learning-impaired students in San Bernardino, California for a number of years, God called her out of her special education classroom in 1998 to begin the writing of this book. Inevitably, her study of the Scriptures led her out of Adventism's closed system of belief. Upon further examination of the teachings, she realized that the leadership of the church uses its hierarchal power and spiritual authority to cover up lies that keep a denomination of almost sixteen million people in spiritual bondage. Since the church considers Ellen White to be a prophet, they use her authoritative writings as the primary filter through which they interpret Scripture. Thus clear biblical teachings are perverted. She discovered that Adventism preaches "ANOTHER JESUS" and a "DIFFERENT GOSPEL" with a "DIFFERENT SPIRIT". Man's obedience becomes the decisive factor in salvation rather than Christ's substitutionary sacrifice alone. In trying to keep the "letter of the law", Adventism has forgotten that "the letter kills". This has resulted in generations of Adventists becoming victims and perpetrators of spiritual abuse. Since Adventism's doctrines are such an integral part of their lives, many Adventists will refuse to face the painful truth of what their church believes and teaches. Nevertheless, this cycle of abuse will end and the veil of unbelief will be lifted as countless others repent of their spiritual blindness and release their bondage at the foot of the cross. Mercy will triumph over judgment when victims and perpetrators alike extend God's forgiveness to one another, and joyfully enter God's promised rest.

Binding / Paperback: 214 pages

Publish Date: October 18, 2010