The Simple Six

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Ready to revolutionize your training?

Looking for the quickest way to get in shape fast, with the least amount of effort required?

Welcome to The Simple Six.

On the hunt for the ultimate workout plan? The Simple Six presents you with an alternative approach to training – utilizing six simple steps that reap real results. Whether you’re a beginner, weekend warrior or a self-proclaimed fitness junkie, this workout program will take your health, strength, and athletic ability to the next level.

Our proprietary fitness program is grounded on the idea that by repeating a small amount of work consistently, it can lead to incredible changes in the way you look, feel, and how you think about fitness and exercise.

A forward-thinking, get in shape workout plan, The Simple Six not only tells you what to do and how to do it, but also why it matters – in stripped-back, simple terms that anyone can understand regardless of their fitness knowledge. This book contains:

✔️ The best exercises to help you get in shape fast

✔️ Step by step instructions on how to perform each move

✔️ Posture tips and tricks to get the most out of your workout

✔️ How repeating The Simple Six steps can change your life – forever.

The truth is, there is no “secret” to getting ripped, swole, shredded, or whatever other buzzword is being promised – but The Simple Six is a real resource to help you take control of your health and help you improve your physique and abilities. If you’re searching for a straightforward way to build a strong, balanced, and capable physique, our fitness program will help you create the body you desire and deserve – in half the time.

Ready to join hundreds of other people who realized there is a better, simpler way to stay in shape?

YOU can do it.

Binding / Paperback: 64 pages

Publish Date: December 26, 2018