The Way of Wicca

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Let ‘The Way of Wicca’ teach you how to harness the power of Wicca and practice it in the modern world. How? just read on.

Have you ever wanted to…

Improve the quality of your life?
Put in place practices you can use every single day to enhance your being?
Embrace the connection between yourself and nature?
Transform the way you choose to live your life?
Discover the power of healing?
Understand how you can practice Wicca in 21st Century?
Reconnect with yourself and your inner soul?
Did you feel that all those things were outside of your grasp?

If so, 'The Way of Wicca' is for you. This gentle religion will transform the way you choose to live your life and be the gateway to your personal transformation and spiritual awakening that you have been looking for.

This book WILL expand your knowledge from beginner to expert level and by the time you have finished my book I CAN GUARANTEE you will feel invigorated and optimistic about leading the Wiccan way of life.

Let me take you through the journey of learning Wicca in an easily digestible way, so you can IMMEDIATELY APPLY what you have learnt.

What you can expect…
What exactly is Wicca?
How to live the Wiccan way
What a lot of Wiccans don't know but NEED to!
What are the biggest misconceptions about Wicca?
The basics of Wiccan magic
A whole chapter dedicated to spells
The 7 laws that can be applied to your daily life.
How science is finally catching up with the power of Wicca
And so much more…
Let Wicca become YOUR religion of evolution and so much more than you EVER realized – let me show you HOW! Don’t delay

Binding / Paperback: 178 pages

Publish Date: October 26, 2019

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