The Wealthy Fit Pro's Guide to Starting Your Career

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Welcome to The Wealthy Fit Pro Guides, the indispensable new resources for personal trainers ready to take their careers to a new level. One by one, each guide will help you achieve more freedom, better pay, fulfilling days, and growing recognition from fellow fitness pros.
Book one, Starting Your Career, is the perfect launching pad for this series - and your success.

With Jonathan Goodman's trademark straight-talk about navigating the fitness industry, you'll find everything you need to become the best trainer you can be after getting your personal trainer certification.

Here you'll learn how to...
-Land the perfect job for you (pg. 17)
-Attract more clients (pg. 95)
-Keep more clients (pg. 55)
-Get even more clients through a foolproof referral system (pg. 115)
-Learn the no-fail secret to motivating clients (pg. 61)
-Set yourself apart with programs your clients will brag about (pg. 71)
-Master marketing skills that open up new income opportunities (pg. 152)
-Become the best trainer you can be (pg. 46)
-And more

If you're just beginning your journey in the fitness industry (or know someone who is), you won't find a more authoritative or comprehensive resource.

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Binding / Paperback: 178 pages

Publish Date: 29 May 2019

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