There Was a Young Man from Nantucket: 1,001 Lewd Limericks Guara

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Here now is a steamy collection
Of limericks rare. Each selection
Will run for five lines,
Contain marvelous rhymes--
Detailing sex acts of subtle complexion.

Some readers may think that it\'s crude
To offer for sale what is lewd
But if you\'re offended
By what is appended,
We\'ll say what you are; you\'re a prude!

Ronald Stanza has put together a collection of outlandishly funny limericks about some of the most serious, offensive, and even dangerous predicaments. These unique scrubblings are better than any insipid piece of graffiti doodled on a bathroom stall. This book describes just about every awkwardly inappropriate situation that nobody ever thought of writing a poem about, from dabblings in spectrophilia to bestiality, and from ill-fated self-servicing to the (mis)adventures of very misguided clergymen. If you\'re a lover of all things raunchy, crass, and base, you will laugh for hours at the likes of impotent Scots, naughty old Sapphos, old women of Ghent, Oscar McDingle O\'Figgle, lecherous Northumbrian druids, and one old phony named Kinsey. WARNING: Not recommended for reading in churches, libraries, mixed company, or quiet family gatherings. Proceed with caution, weariness, and most of all, a sense of humor!