Traumatized -- A Patient's Story: The Painful Truth about Filing

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As a patient who has suffered at the hands of the medical profession and legal system, Timothy J. Nilsson knew the importance of awareness. In Traumatized: A Patient\'s Story, he reflects on his own personal journey to expose major flaws within the system of healthcare and attorneys who do not put their clients\' interests ahead of their own. Everyone is accountable for improving healthcare and victim\'s rights. This country is in serious trouble if the medical profession is responsible for injuring or killing a patient, and to make matters worse, the injured or victim\'s families cannot seek the best legal representation to rectify the injustice placed upon them. This is the most powerful country on earth. We are at the top when it comes to medical knowledge and research. So why are so many people being injured and killed due to medical error? We are supposed to have the most brilliant legal minds in the world. Why are these brilliant legal minds not representing their clients to the best of their ability, and in most cases, not able to acquire compensation for them? The medical profession and legal system must learn from its mistakes regarding medical malpractice. As important as it is for today and tomorrow, the future of this country is deserving of it. This story will have an influence on everyone who reads it. Passionately written, it is certain to leave the reader with a different view of the challenges ahead.