Trucking Company

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If you are a truck driver thinking about starting a small trucking company then keep reading...

The truth is that many successful trucking companies started with humble beginnings.

But most of them wouldn't have been able to make it if they didn't have access to the right information.

You see, most people who are looking to start a trucking company make the same mistakes - with both their planning and execution.

They might not even be profitable... without ever realizing why.

But now, you can stay informed with insider tips, usually only known to the top trucking companies, which will maximize your chances of becoming your own boss and making good profits in less time compared to trying to figure out everything yourself.

This new book teaches you how to form your company, find loads, manage credit and expenses, set up your back office, scale and much, much more.

Trucking Company: How to Start a Trucking Company, Be Your Own Boss, and Make Good Profits, includes:
  • A simple guide on how to start your own trucking company from A-Z
  • How to handle permits, regulations and other requirements with ease
  • Proven strategies for getting clients
  • How to scale your business
  • 8 effective tips for attracting the best drivers
  • Secret tips to increase the profit of your trucking business
  • And much, much more

So if you want to start your own trucking company and keep the money you earn, click "add to cart"!

Binding / Paperback: 112 pages

Publish Date: July 25, 2018