TurnOut Queens: With Just One Taste...They'll Have You Sprung

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Sodom and Gomorrah is Washington, D.C.\'s premier gay and lesbian nightclub. Beyond the music, bottles, flyers, cages, and V.I.P sections, are the workers who keep the party going on and off the dance floor. Find out what happens once the last records are spun, and the drama follows them home. Sex, betrayal, lies, lust, and love, is never too far behind once these sexy employees clock out. Enter Gomorrah, and sit on the throne with the TurnOut queens. *** Flip Mode: Dirty With A Twist By Fabiola Joseph What happens when the queen\'s throne has been jeopardized ? You enter the flip mode! Monaco is used to having things her way, in and out of the bedroom. With a loving family and a career as a club promoter, which lends a helping hand to her overactive sex life, things couldn\'t be peachier. But when the charming, sexy, and challenging, Zora, enters the picture, the intoxicating cat and mouse games begin. Monaco soon finds herself face to face with the reality that her chaotic lifestyle isn\'t as perfect and fun as it seems. When both family and bedroom secrets are revealed, will she make it out unscathed, or will this turn out queen be dethroned by the flip mode? You Send Me Spinning: The DJ Diaries By Christiana Harrell Jia Lu{a.k.a}DJ Persuasion keeps the sexy ladies on the dance floor while spinning the latest tunes for the hottest club on the East Coast. She seems to have it all together when she steps on the scene, but there are two people who can send her spinning out of control. When a past lover turns her world upside down, and her best friend, who may just be a foe collide, Jia runs the risk of getting caught up in an intricate web of deceit. Will DJ Persuasion be able to spin her way to freedom and head down the road of self-discovery, or will she get caught up in the mix? Cognac: Straight, No Ice By Raynesha Pittman Coy, Gomorrah\'s newest cage dancer comes off as straight as the Cognac she sips, and was nicknamed after. Never in a million years did Coy imagine she\'d be dancing for lesbian women to make ends meet. But there was no going back to the life she left behind in California. When she realizes she\'s becoming the olive in the lesbian Martini, not only does her curiosity grow, but she decides to add a performer named Ice to her glass. Some can\'t handle Cognac without a chaser, but will Ice be up to chasing her? Maybe: What\'s Your Poison? By Renee Wallace Tattoo artist and Atlanta native, Isabelle Turner, moved to D.C. looking to turn a new leaf. When she finds herself working for Bijou Desirer at club Sodom and Gomorrah, she prays that this new job brings an abundance of new opportunities. Could working the ultra-exclusive V.I.P section at one of the capitals sexiest nightclubs help her get closer to her dreams, and her dream woman? Maybe! Sinful Cindy: Can I Get A Refill? By Ben Burgess Jr Moving from one state to the next and doing various jobs from stripping to bartending, Cindy knew it was time to leave New York for a fresh start in Washington, D.C. After the last club she worked at was raided by the cops, Cindy\'s part-time lover, Janai hooks her up with a bartending job at the prestigious nightclub, Sodom and Gomorrah. Cindy hopes to end her nomadic lifestyle but, as her popularity rises in the club, and tension and drama builds, will Cindy finally have a place to call home? Or will she be consumed by her exciting new environment and wear out her welcome?