Ultimate LLC Compliance Guide: Covers All 50 States

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Keep Your LLC in Complete Compliance!

Mindful of the complications and numerous requirements that surround LLCs, Entrepreneur and Michael Spadaccini walk you through the details of what you need to know about your state\'s LLC act as well as the procedures for dealing with the extensive rules and regulations.

Turn to this go-to guide for complete definitions and explanations of all concepts surrounding LLCs and even a breakdown of the roles and responsibilities of owners and managers. You\'ll learn about LLC legal formalities, internal governance, record-keeping, vital LLC mechanics and more--all critical information that will allow you to spend less time researching procedures and more time running a successful business!

Learn everything you need to: Maintain ironclad liability protection Maintain important business records Conduct and record meetings Take LLC actions by resolutions Accept investment and issue LLC stock Avoid IRS trouble

Plus, use sample documents, checklists, resources, and forms to get a better grasp of the LLC process.

Save thousands of dollars in attorney\'s fees and ensure the success of your LLC!