Uncover Satan Recover Thyself

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Uncover Satan, Recover Thyself throws a satanic perspective on the 12 step recovery programme.The author takes the reader on his personal journey through recovery and Satanism. He shares philosophical principles, practical guidelines and examples of rituals which will support anyone on their path. When I first came into recovery in 2007 there was nothing around in terms of literature that came close to what I wanted or needed. There were alternative steps but every one of them changed the words that were hung at every meeting. I knew I needed to beat my addiction and I had found some hope in AA through the support of people in the rooms but I really struggled with the High power concept and the idea of a Christian God. To say I spat venom was an understatement. I had been a slave to my addiction and there was no way I was going to swap that for something else like a god who wasn’t me. I was tired of being told “you can only do this if you accept a Christian God”, so I thought…just watch me! Thus the book you hold in your hands was born. Based on over 8 years of continuous clean time, when I started writing, to this second edition where I am now over 11 years free from drink - still applying and evolving the processes so they continue to work for me. “Use your voice and loudly say: I am a Satanist and I used these steps to get sober without your Christian God - and carry this message to other people seeking help in the fellowship who struggle with the monotheistic middle eastern death cult concept of ‘God’.” - Ben Dean

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 288 pages

Publish Date: February 10, 2019