USA Today Sudoku for Kids: 50 Puzzles

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For the first time ever, USA TODAY(R) offers sudoku for kids--ages 7 and up. Kids will sharpen their logical reasoning skills in this 50-puzzle collection! Branded newspaper puzzle books sell well with over 80,000 books sold in the USA TODAY sudoku puzzle book series.

For the first time ever USA TODAY(R) offers sudoku for kids ages 7 and older. This fun selection of puzzles begins with an illustrated how-to-play introduction that teaches kids logical reasoning skills and strategies for solving sudoku puzzles. The sudoku grids begin with small, easy grids for easier solving and less frustration and move on to larger grids that offer kids a challenge to sharpen their skills and an opportunity to solve the same sudoku puzzles that drive adults to addiction. The collection includes: 6 grids in 4 x 4 size, 12 grids in 6 x 6 size, 8 grids in 8 x 8 size, and 24 grids in the traditional 9 x 9 size.

From the Nation's No. 1 Newspaper, USA TODAY(R) proudly presents sudoku--just for kids.