Walking the Path of the Ancient Ways

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Dark Moon Press and Corvis Nocturnum bring you Walking the Path of the Ancient Ways. This anthology represents the many stories of the often forgotten in our culture. What does it mean to come to paganism Wicca, or a spirituality in general? What does the pathway to becoming a magician or darker path look like? How and why do people choose these paths? What draws them in? Walking the Path of the Ancient Ways provides a glimpse into the pathways that have led various authors, teachers and leaders of these various spiritual paths to where they are now. These stories will help to personalize and give voice to the hidden journey through their personal spirituality. Neopaganism is the single fastest growing religion in the United States and the related beliefs of the new age movement are extremely popular. It’s long overdue that someone collects these stories of people walking the path of alternative religions. Walking the Path of the Ancient Ways represents our first attempt to provide a voice to the narratives of the fastest growing spiritual segment in North America. The stories are insightful, painful, joyful and like the fractal spectrum of roads people could walk – different, yet similar. Where does your road lead? Perhaps Walking the Path of the Ancient Ways will provide you with some ideas on the different roads that you yourself could walk. May your journey be as wondrous and beautiful as you can imagine. From the Introduction by Andrieh Vitimus, author of Hands on Chaos Magic.

Binding / Paperback: 200 pages

Publish Date: 5 February 2012