Weight Loss For Men

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Discover How You Can Become Finally Fit Again and Never Look Back Ever!

The first step is also always the easiest, however, which is why the information you find in the following chapters is so important to take to heart as they are not concepts that can be put into action immediately. If you file them away for when they are really needed in the gym, however, then when the time comes to use them, you will be glad you did learn them. To that end, the following chapters will discuss the primary preparedness principals that you will need to consider if you ever hope to realistically be ready to build up your strength over a period of time. Only by having the right knowledge you will be able to lay out a clear plan to get bigger, leaner and stronger. You will discover what you need to know and how to take your gains to the next level. The same principles have helped me and thousands of people to get the body they desired.

In This Book You Will Learn:

✓ 5 Reasons why most people fail to lose weight or get bigger muscles

✓ Great sources of protein

✓ 10 Rules to increase your muscle mass

✓ How to actually build lean muscles

✓ Tips to keep making gains

✓ Example of a training schedule

✓ Weekly training schedule (Monday - Friday)

✓ How To Find Your Motivation

✓ Remind Yourself Why You are Eating Healthily

✓ How To Keep Yourself Accountable

✓ Remember Your Moderation

✓ Identify the Difference between Hunger and Craving

✓ How To Stick to the Meal Plan

✓ How To Drink Plenty of Water, Eat Several Times Per Day, Fill Up on Protein

Delicious Recipes You Will Find Include:

★ Coconut Blueberry Ricotta Bowl

★ Tomato Bagel Sandwich

★ Cornmeal And Blueberry Pancakes

★ Breakfast Tortilla

★ Oatmeal And Strawberry Smoothie

★ Garlic Bread And Veggie Delight

★ Spinach Parmesan Balls

★ Tomato Soup And Halloumi Croutons

And so much more!

Binding / Paperback: 248 pages

Publish Date: October 31, 2021