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What Is Love 2: A D-Town Love Affair

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In the second installment of what is love, strengths will be tested, bonds will be broken, and loyalty will be put to the test. as Jessica fights to survive, help is found in someone unexpected. Secrets from Dangers past are revealed leaving him to find out that the people around him may not be who he think they are. Killa is faced with news that could possibly alter the dynamics of his relationship leaving Porshae open to find love in the arms of another man.This fast paced, heart pounding story picks up right where it left off. Will Danger get there in time to save Jessica? Will Killa find out he has a child he never knew about? Will Porshae still be down to ride for her man? With trouble lurking in the shadows, and a hidden enemy still looking to bring everybody down, who will be left standing? And will the finally figure out What is Love?