When The World Was Black

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In this book, we cover over 200,000 years of Black history. For many of us, that sounds strange. We can t even imagine what the Black past was like before the slave trade, much less imagine that such a history goes back 200,000 years or more.

Can you imagine what that does to a person? To grow up believing their people started out as slaves? Perhaps some of us know a little about Africa, but how much do we really know? How much do we know about the extent of the ancient Black empires that spanned far beyond continental Africa?

Chances are, very little. In this book, we ll tell the stories you haven't been told.

Well, talk about the Black migrations that settled the world. We ll show you the Black people who founded the first cultures and civilizations of Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, the Pacific Islands, and North and South America.

No exaggeration. This book covers more than 200,000 years of Black history across every square inch of the Planet Earth. As we learn the history of our ancestors, we ll learn more and more about ourselves.

Binding / Paperback: 408 pages

Publish Date:  January 21, 2016

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