Who Do They Say I Am 2nd Edition: The Vindication of Minister Lo

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Despite powerful forces converging to thwart the necessary and effective ministry of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, he yet has amassed a long record of impacting and positively affecting the most prominent and important men and women throughout America and the world. This book catalogs the scores of character witnesses for Minister Farrakhan, whose candid, heartfelt and sincere testimonies create an entirely new picture of our beloved Minister that you will not find in the mainstream media.Reading these testimonies from a veritable Who\'s Who in American politics, religion and popular culture, the reader is able to see the real Farrakhan emerge from behind the walls of the \"prison of public opinion\" that groups like the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center have sought to bind him in. Yes, for the first time we have character witness testimonies giving birth to a new picture; a clearer picture; a true picture of Minister Farrakhan that puts his heroic and principled leadership on display.This record and thoroughly documented source-book exists as a seminal work and is a tribute to the divine intervention that must be credited with helping The Minister to escape and overcome a \"prison of public opinion\"-the vestiges of which are still extant. Such an ominous and wickedly designed \"prison\" is in truth a well-orchestrated character assassination that was designed by its architects to facilitate and foster an actual physical assassination of our beloved Minister.In addition to the catalog of testimonies you will also enjoy our analysis and historical research that deconstructs, debunks and eviscerates many of the popular \"anti-Farrakhan\" slanders and skullduggeries.We invite you to read this work and to share it and recommend it to any and all who want to be introduced to or learn more about the man that we simply and affectionately call \"The Minister.\"