Younger Gods: Book Four of the Dreamers

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In the thrilling conclusion to The Dreamers, the Vlagh prepares for one merciless attack that will pit her forces against the might of both the Elder Gods and the Younger Gods. All may be for naught, however, if the allies fail to respond to the fact that one within their ranks is losing her mind.
The end of twenty-five eons has arrived: now the four Elder Gods will be replaced by the Younger Gods. During this transition, the greatest danger comes not from the Vlagh, who breeds her largest and deadliest insectoid army for a final war on Dhrall, but from Aracia, an Elder God. Aracia has grown addicted to the worship of mortals and believes a young deity wants to usurp her glory. Eager to stay in power forever, the Elder God plans the unthinkable: to murder one of the Younger Gods. But in her madness, Aracia forgets that the Elder Gods are forbidden to take life-as a principle of existence. If she kills the child deity, it will cause the absolute unmaking of all creation...