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Why SureShot Books Publishing LLC?

Every aspiring author dreams about writing a book, finding an agent to represent them, or pitching their book to a major publishing house. Who hasn't imagined signing a publishing contract that would bring in a hefty advance? Or writing a bestselling book that would shatter sales records and attract a worldwide audience ... and maybe even catch a movie deal!

The reality for most authors today is quite the opposite unless they're already an established name. For those incarcerated, these odds are much lower. It may not be an impossible goal, but it will be a difficult one. This doesn't mean you can't be a successful author. What it means is that you have to find a different way to achieve your goal.

The Benefits of SureShot Books Publishing LLC

At SureShot Books Publishing LLC we will provide the means to get your book on the market and selling it. You can fulfil your dream of being a published author without losing hope that it will ever happen.

With success and sales comes the ability to make your dream a reality. Even if your book never made it into the traditional publishing houses, demonstrating sales to a publisher proves that your book has an audience, which can be a great way to open doors. Big publishing houses track best-selling authors, and will often procure the rights to publish your book under their label. All you have to do is get your book out there and build a fan-base.

Welcome to SureShot Books Publishing LLC

Let SureShot Books Publishing LLC make your dreams of becoming a published author a reality. We're your gateway to publishing your work regardless of whether your manuscript is a mountain of handwritten pages, or a correctly formatted digital file ready to publish. We'll guide you through every stage of publishing and selling your book.


Depending on the preparation you've already made, your book can be published quite quickly. Once published, it will be available globally on, Amazon UK, and an expanded distribution network comprising thousands of major online and offline bookstores and retailers (including Barnes & Noble).

Get started today!

The reality is that writing a book requires a significant amount of work to get from written pages to sales and royalties. The upside is that you've already accomplished the greatest challenge by writing your book. But there are still more challenges to overcome, including making decisions that will greatly determine the success of your book.

The following steps must be completed before you can begin selling your book.

Review the checklist below to assess what you've already completed and what you still have to do. We can assist with most, if not all, of the remaining tasks.

  • Is your manuscript typed or handwritten (must be legible)?
  • Has your manuscript been spell-checked?
  • Have you read, rewritten, and revised your manuscript several times?
  • Have you written the blurb on the back of your book?


Content & Design Control

All traditional publishers controls the decision-making process of your book. With us, you control the contents of your book, the length, and its design.

Marketing Control

Traditional publishers can stop marketing a book after a few-month trial period, or when it stops selling, and the author will have little say in the matter. With us, you're in control and can keep your book in print and available to market as long as you want.


Traditional publishers pay authors 10-15% of sales proceeds. With us, you'll retain 35-70% of the proceeds. Please note: If your book retails for $10.00, 55% of that goes to the distributor and bookstore that sells your book. Example: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. This is why they shelve your book. Now there's 45% remaining. After paying for the printing of your book, the rest of the funds go to you. Again, back to marketing, and having family and friends help can eliminate that 55% if they sell it themselves. Then you are only paying for the printing of the book. All printing costs will vary because of book size, page count, etc.

Additionally, you control the price of your book and can raise or lower it.

Time to Market

Traditional publishers can take a year or longer to print your book. If your book is finished, your book can be available within a few weeks.


No Advance

With us, there's no possibility of a book advance (money paid in advance of writing your book). However, unless you're an established author or well-known celebrity, there's little prospect of an advance.

Less Marketing Clout

Traditional publishing houses have the resources to effectively market their titles. While you have numerous marketing opportunities available, this requires a certain level of effort. Use whatever outside resources you can find to help your marketing efforts. Written your book and ready to start? Review our services and rates.



We're aware that not every writer incarcerated has the resources to spend on our publishing services or are not at an appropriate stage to consider it. This is why we offer our services individually or as packages to cover all budget ranges.

Design & Publishing Services (Publishing packages starting at $895.00)

  • Conversion of your typed manuscript into digital format (up to 300 pages). Typing services are available for an additional fee, see below.
  • Book content design (title page, headers/footers, TOC, indexing, numbering, etc.)
  • Cover design (basic graphic design or your images only). Cover design services included in this package are a basic graphic design service. If you prefer a professional graphic design service, we can provide a quote. See below.
  • Basic Editing: two passes (spellchecking, grammar, punctuation)
  • Publishing of your completed book file (in paperback and e-book)
  • International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
  • Book will be added to our website and our new catalog

Table of Contents and Indexing Creating a table of contents or an index involves more than adding page numbers into required fields. The process requires ìbookmarking" words and features of your book to ensure accuracy and that page numbers seamlessly track any changes you make to table of contents and & index for your book.

PCN The purpose of the Preassigned Control Number (PCN) program is to enable the Library of Congress to assign control numbers in advance of publication to those titles that may be added to the Library's collections. The publisher prints the control number in the book and thereby facilitates cataloging and other book processing activities. The PCN links the book to any record which the Library of Congress, other libraries, bibliographic utilities, or book vendors may create.

Copyrights (optional)

We will file paperwork for your Certificate of Registration. Our fee is $99.99

Book Formatting


This process entails:

Front matter styling, decorative chapter openers, running headers, book pagination, typography selection, careful typesetting, casing, spacing and dash checks, fleurons and flourishes, page balancing, image work placement, table and extract styling, captions, footnotes and references, design of spreads, text setting and layout.

Our Book Formatting process controls page breaks. This ensures that new chapters always appear at the top of the next page. We keep the format and layout of your work consistent using paragraph styles. For your book to print properly, we need to make sure that the text document is set to match the trim size.

The book formatting process is a crucial part of your readers' experience. An unprofessional-looking book layout will both distract readers and make your book look amateurish.


IMPORTANT: Your manuscript must be in typed format. We can provide professional typing services to prepare it for publishing. See below for typing service pricing.

What you must know:

Typing your pages is a service to prepare your manuscript for proofreading and editing. Your pages will be typed and formatted per industry standards.

Industry standards:

Paper size: 6" x 9". Each page holds approximately 250 words.

Typing Services

Handwritten pages must be legible for our staff to read and type. Author is responsible for proofreading the entire manuscript.

Typing Packages

(Includes typing, spellchecking, and digital formatting)

$4.50 per typed page WITHIN INDUSTRY STANDARDS (approx. 250 words/page)

$5.50 per typed page OUTSIDE industry standards (approx. 350 words/page)

Add Basic Editing for $1 per page more (punctuation and grammar corrections)

Book Cover Design

A book cover is the first thing a potential reader notices. Not only will a professionally designed cover attract potential readers, it will boost your confidence as well as sales.

Book Cover Design Packages

(Includes a copy of your cover design for approval prior to publishing)

Basic (in-house) Graphic Design:

$50 to $99

This option includes either artwork that you supply or images we create.

Professional Graphic Design:

$99 to $199

Professional graphic artists will custom design your cover based on your input. The cost depends on the complexity of your design.


SureShot Books Publishing LLC can offer you some suggestions and marketing options for your book depending on your budget. We do not market books. The greatest challenge for authors, new or established, is building a readership and fan-base. With thousands of books coming out every day, you will need help from family and friends to stand out from the competition.


How much should I pay for a book cover? Since your book cover is as important as the contents, invest as much as you can afford for the design. However, quality professional covers can be designed for as little as $100.

Can I use my own artwork? Of course. Keep in mind that it should be the best possible quality and large enough not to be distorted. Also keep in mind, a professional design cover will display better. This is your work and our name as your publishing company. Together let's create a masterpiece.

Book Publishing Package: We understand how challenging it can be to prepare a book-publishing budget. Most packages range from$895-$1,200. Please contact us for details.

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