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Runner's World
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About Runner's World Magazine:

Runner’s World Magazine is the worldwide authority on all things running. The magazine has helped runners of all ages and abilities to achieve their fitness goals. Runner’s World has remained the go-to magazine of the running community because it focuses on every aspect of the sport, from training and nutrition to equipment and injury prevention.

Runner’s World provides tested training plans and guides to help get readers in shape for anything from a 5K trail race to a marathon. Also, whether you plan on competing locally or running in a famous race like the New York City marathon, Runner’s World will give you all of the information you need to get registered and get to the starting line on race day.

The magazine publishes a lot of information about the technical aspects of running, such as the gear and equipment used in the sport. There are so many new types of running shoes coming out, but Runner’s World publishes in-depth reviews of popular running shoes to help readers determine which shoes will work best for their needs.

Those interested in growing trends such as barefoot running will find plenty of information on how to get started and how to participate safely.
Runner’s World also provides information on injury prevention and recovery, as well as nutritional information to keep runners performing at their best.


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