The Connect's Wife 6

The Connect's Wife 6

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The Connect's Wife 6 
Contributor(s): Nako (Author)
ISBN: 1981218823   EAN: 9781981218820
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform     
US SRP: $14.99 US  
Binding: Paperback: 164 pages
Pub Date: December 02, 2017
Annotation: In the finale of The Connect's Wife, Farren Knight has traveled back to the states to get all of her questions answered in regards to her dealings with The Cartel. Nightmares haunt her of her "death" and the loss of her loved ones. 
Farren struggles to regain peace and joy. Her younger sister, Chanel Cavett is enjoying being in the presence of Farren Knight. 
Farren takes Chanel under her wing & grooms her to become a woman full of grace and confidence but more importantly, power.But of course The Connect's Wife 6 wouldn't be complete if people such as Mario, Q and even Ms. Nakia didn't make an appearance. 
Farren is seeking revenge for the assassination of her estranged husband, Christian Knight. Farren isn't well enough to hunt people down like she used too so she asks for Chanel's help. Chanel steps up to the plate and delivers the throne back to Farren but does Farren even want to be apart of The Cartel anymore? 
Was Farren's disappearance respected amongst The Cartel? Will Greg do everything in his power to make sure Farren doesn't make it to the annual Roundtable.
In The Connect's Wife 6, join Farren Knight as she solves the mystery behind the death of her daughter, Carren, learn more about her mother and find love with a new or old flame.
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