Charts Don't Lie: The 4 Untold Trading Indicators (How to Make M

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MACD, ADX, Stochastics, Fibonacci, RSI, Parabolic SAR, StochRSI, Aroon, Ease of Movement (EMV)...

Have you ever asked what happened when those trading indicators contradict one another?

Have you ever slammed your trading desk because of frustration and confusion over which trading indicators to use?

THE GOOD NEWS: The popular trading indicators mentioned above and in most trading books are NOT the only ones out there.

There are more....and YOU are about to find out.

Everyone --- who is willing to put the time and efforts --- to learn the correct techniques will be able to be a consistently profitable trader / investor in the market.

And the success you will have after learning these new trading indicators is irrelevant to what kind of market the investor is trading. Any financial market --- from stocks, bonds, futures, options, commodities, and even Forex trading. --- will do.

How so? Aren’t they all different instruments?

They are different, but human nature is always the same. And that is the reason learning and understanding the basic of stock chart analysis (along with trading indicators) are critical for every trader – investor out there.

How this book will enlighten your trading brain AS SOON AS you finish reading it:

1) The reason Warren Buffet once said "In Investing, Rule # 1: Don't Lose. Rule # 2: See Rule Number 1."

2) The caveat of using any trading indicator.

3) How to set the four indicators up and make profits in the stock market, or any market not excluding options, futures, and Forex.

4) How to set the four indicators up for day trading, swing trading, or long term investing.

I guarantee you these 4 technical analysis tools are not the ones you will hear from your investment advisers, fund manager, retirement planner, or your finance professor in college when they lecture you on how to invest in stocks or any other securities.

Comprehensive but simple, this book shows what the trading indicators not many are talking about in a straightforward and effective manner. It is my humble expectation this book can give you some additional insights and add an extra ammo to your vast investing and trading arsenal.

Trading strategy or trading system is probably the most underrated tool in the world full of financial BS and drama.

The truth is: Opinion never matters. Only price does. And without being able to "plan your trade and trade your plan", a trader will not be able to make consistent money.

No technical analysis-based trading system works without a solid understanding and application of the right trading indicators.

Don’t Leave Your Trading to Chances… …because then frankly, you just gamble your money away. Might as well go to Vegas. More fun.

There is nothing to lose. Download this book today, devour it, and return it within 5 days if you don't feel it is helpful. If you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, just borrow it today and return it anytime. You can't lose either way.

Author Name: Steve Ryan
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 2nd edition
Publish Date: May 16, 2016
Pages: 90
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ISBN Number 13: 978-1519242020
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