SureShot Books is part of the SureShot 2k family of companies that was founded in 1990 to help the families of prison inmates to make it possible for their loved ones to improve their lives through education enabled by providing them the ability to send books to inmates to help them learn useful life skills, which also has an influence how efficiently an inmate will respond upon release.
Here at SureShot Books, we fervently believe that the fact that you have made a mistake does and should not mean that you life is ruined forever. We believe that everyone deserves a second chance.

Based on studies made by the US Department of Corrections, an inmate that takes the opportunity to improve their education while incarcerated has a much better chance of reintegrating into society and becoming a productive contributing member of society. Providing books for prisoners is an effective method of helping them to improve their lives.

SureShot Books makes it possible for family and friends of prison inmates to send books to prisoners as well as sending magazines to inmates and we also have newspapers available from all states.

Our hope is that by enabling families and friends to send books to inmates we can have a positive influence on the lives of both the inmate and his or her family. Families can help their loved ones by ordering books from the comfort of their homes.

To make education available to more inmates, SureShot Books has a complete library of books, newspapers, magazines and greeting cards available in Spanish so the fact that a prisoner may not speak English well does not prevent him or her from taking advantage of our books for prisoners due to a language problem. We also have books that can help them to improve their English comprehension or any other language.

Looking ahead, SureShot Books remains committed to ensuring that stable, secure and reasonably priced supplies of Books, newspapers, & magazines are available to inmates at all times.

To make the prisoners able to interact with their children even though they are incarnated, we have added a NEW program where inmates can order Children’s Books from our catalog or web-site and have them send directly to their children.

We firmly believe that even though a prisoner’s body is locked up, their mind can always be free to travel the world and learn about anything they are interested through the magic or books.



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