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Contact SureShot Books today for safe,
compliant, and reliable publication services
tailored to your facility’s policies.

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We provide a Custom Website for Your Facility
with Compliant Publications

Secure Ordering: Inmates and their families access a custom URL to order approved publications.

Policy Alignment: Only publications that comply with your facility’s policies are available for order.

Peace of Mind: Ensures facility staff and inmates have a secure and compliant directory of publications.


Custom Catalogs &
Kiosk / Tablet Files

Custom Catalog Design:
We will design a custom catalog of publications, ensuring all content meets your facility’s guidelines.

Filtered Content Display:
Only publications that align with your facility’s policies will be displayed. This guarantees that inmates can purchase only approved publications.

Streamlined Mailroom Operations:
Reduces stress on your mailroom staff by minimizing rejections and streamlining the approval process.

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Our Service is not just selling books.
It aligns with safety and security for the staff and inmates of the facilities. As a solutions-driven company, our mission is to collaborate with correctional facilities to provide secure incoming publications.
Our custom websites and catalogs ensure your staff maintains complete control over incoming publications, significantly minimizing the risk of unauthorized content entering your facility.
SureShot Books Publishing LLC operates independently from our four warehouses, not as a third party. We are a full-service publishing company.

We do not service consumers or the public, ONLY the correctional community.

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