Do you sell your products to inmates only?

No. SureShot Books Publishing LLC is open to the public as well. Our business began by serving inmates, giving them the opportunity to acquire the best reading materials possible while being incarcerated. However, the general public may order with us as well.

I’m looking for a book that’s not showing on your website? How can I search through your website?

Great Question!  SureShot Books Publishing LLC is a retail book store with over 20 million books available to our consumers.  Search your item with ISBN/EAN Number/ Author / Book Title or keywords in our search bar at the top of our home page.  For magazines, please contact us as there may be some titles that we carry which may not be listed on our website.

How can I order a newspaper subscription and what newspapers do you deliver?

Please click on our Newspaper Subscription icon on our website home page and you will see a list of ALL newspapers available for delivery.  Most of our newspaper subscriptions can be delivered anywhere in the United States, no matter what state the person resides in.  All newspaper subscriptions are delivered by United State Postal Service (USPS) with postage included. Please allow 3-7 business days per dated issue to be delivered to the inmate’s facility.  Please see Terms & Conditions for more information on newspaper subscriptions.

Can I order items without a credit card?

YES!  Write down your item numbers, contact us (Live Chat) or e-mail us at and we will provide you with total cost and payment methods.  (Ex: Credit Card, Check, Money Order, Pay Pal).

Can I ship to multiple addresses?

Unfortunately, no.  When you place an order at, you may only ship to one address. Shipping to multiple addresses would require a separate order for each address.

Can I ship an order to an address different from my billing address?

Yes. You may ship your order to any address within the United States and internationally. The shipping and billing addresses do not have to be the same. However, you MUST have the correct billing address and telephone number for verification purposes.

Is there a way to check the status of an order?

Yes. You may check the status of your order at any time by signing into your account at and clicking on "Tracking Number" located in "My Account". Order history will be displayed and includes order date, order number, order status and total price. By clicking on "Overview,” you can see all details for orders including the tracking information for shipped orders.

We ordered a book online but then we received an email stating that the item is “Not Available - Publisher Out of Stock Indefinitely.” What does this mean?

This message occurs when the publisher is not printing any more books from that title, and when all of our warehouses are out of stock of that specific item. Please contact us for a replacement item.

Can a prison reject a shipment to a particular inmate?

Yes.  A prison can reject a shipment for a particular inmate for reasons including bad behavior and/or violating certain facility regulations. In addition, publications that are written in languages other than English, which cannot be readily translated, and those reviewed by the facility for content deemed to pose an overriding security concern to the facility, may also be rejected. Inmates should always refer to the facility’s policies and procedures regarding incoming mail prior to placing an order, to ensure that the item(s) they wish to purchase will be accepted at their facility.

What happens if a package shipped to an inmate is rejected?

If a package is rejected due to inappropriate and/or unacceptable content, CREDIT ONLY will be issued to the inmate.  However, only those books which are returnable to our warehouse are eligible for a credit. All non-returnable books are noted on our website under book description and in our catalog highlighted in red.  Credits do not include shipping and handling fees.  REFUND will only be issued for books that are returned to SureShot Books Publishing LLC due to us not being an approved vendor at a facility.  All returned books must include a “Notice of Rejection” form from the facility in order to be eligible for a full refund. Please see Terms & Conditions for more details.

If an inmate is in a Federal Prison or a Correctional Facility outside of the USA, can they still receive your products?

Yes. However, please contact the inmate’s specific facility as all prisons and correctional institutions have their own mailing guidelines and procedures.  SureShot Books Publishing LLC does not accept responsibility for any package that is mailed to the address provided by the customer.

Can an inmate order items using their SureShot Books Publishing LLC Inmate Account Funds?

Yes.  Inmates and/or family and friends can deposit funds into an Inmate Account with SureShot Books Publishing LLC and inmates may place orders with us anytime using funds from their account.  Funds may be used for online and catalog orders, and may only be used by the inmate.  Please see “Add Funds to Inmate Account” on our website for more details.  Funds are available immediately when purchased online. Inmates who wish to add funds to their account can mail us institutional checks made payable to SureShot Books Publishing LLC. Once received, funds will be deposited into their account. NOTE: All funds are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

If an inmate is transferred to another facility, what happens to the funds in his/her account?

If an inmate is transferred to another facility, the funds in his/her account will follow and will still be active.  If an inmate is released with an available balance in their account, the purchaser may use the remaining balance for online purchases.  NOTE: No refunds will be issued.

What if an inmate is transferred to another facility before the package arrives?

Whenever an inmate is transferred to another facility, it is the inmate's responsibility to notify SureShot Books Publishing LLC of their change of address as soon as possible. The facility is responsible for forwarding all mail and packages to the inmate at his/her new location for thirty (30) days.  The United States Postal Service (USPS) provides free forwarding of periodicals for sixty (60) days.  If package is sent back to us, a re-shipping charge will be added for postage. If the error was made by SureShot Books Publishing LLC, we will re-ship the package at no charge.

What if I send books and the package never arrives at the facility?

SureShot Books Publishing LLC ships all books by USPS Media Mail insured.  Each package shipped comes with tracking number which may be tracked at and used as confirmation of delivery at the address provided.  NOTE: Please see Terms & Conditions for more details regarding delivery of items.

What if I purchase a magazine and/or newspaper subscription online for an inmate and it doesn’t get delivered?

If an inmate has not received their magazine within sixty (60) days of purchase, and/or if they have not received their newspaper within thirty (30) days of purchase, they must notify SureShot Books Publishing LLC immediately so that our Clearing House can process this change of address. SureShot Books Publishing LLC is not responsible for any missing issues due to change of address. The facility is responsible for forwarding any magazines and/or newspapers to inmate’s new address for thirty (30) days. NOTE: Please see Important Notes Regarding Newspaper and Magazine Subscriptions under Terms & Conditions section for more details.

What are your shipping rates & shipping methods?

*Effective November 22, 2023, our Shipping & Handling rates will be as follows:

Media Mail Shipping 5-10 days

1 Book $7.75

2 Books $8.80

3 Books $10.20

4 Books $11.80

5 Books $13.15

Priority Mail Shipping 2-5 days

1 Book $11.50

2 Books $13.50

3 Books $15.50

4 Books $17.50

5 Books $19.50


(PLEASE NOTE: All prices are subject to change).


Shipping Books to Correctional Institutions


When shipping books to inmates at correctional institutions, we urge you to pay careful attention to the facility’s regulations and procedures. Facilities differ on the items they permit. Most correctional institutions require packages, even magazines for inmates, to arrive via the United States Postal Service. It is extremely important that you provide us with complete and accurate information when sending books to inmates.

The inmate's name, inmate's institution number, and the full name and address of the facility are important. The facility’s name must be spelled out.  Abbreviations are not acceptable. If a publication is not properly addressed, delivery to the inmate may be denied. We also cannot allow gifts to be sent anonymously to inmate.  The sender's billing address will appear on the order invoice.

Because inmates cannot sign for deliveries, packages must be sent via U.S. Mail Only. Our shipping method to Correctional Institutions is the United States Postal Service (USPS).


If you are sending items to an inmate, follow this format when entering the address information during at checkout:


Name: First name, Last name

Inmate I.D. Number Unit # 

Correctional Institution Name

P.O. Box

Street Address

City, State Postal Zip Code

Country: United States

Email Address: (Your email address)

Your Telephone Phone #:


Domestic U.S. Shipping

Domestic shipping covers all U.S. addresses with the exception of Post Office Boxes, Military Addresses (APO/FPO), and U.S. Protectorates such as Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands.  Delivery to Hawaii and Alaska may take longer.

If you are sending an order to a military base, follow this format when entering the address information at checkout:


Name: First name, last name

Name of Armed Forces Unit

Applicable APO/FPO

PO Box: Unit number

Address: Any applicable information

City: State: ZIP/Postal Code:

Country: United States

Email Address: Your email address


USPS Priority is the only shipping method that can be used for APO/FPO shipment to military personnel. (Outside the U.S.)


International shipping options include:

Standard Rate

Asia 10 - 14 days

Australia/New Zealand 11 - 15 days

Canada 10 - 14 days

Caribbean 14 - 18 days

Europe 10 - 14 days

India 16 - 20 days

Latin America 10 - 14 days

Middle East 16 - 20 days


Expedited Rate

Asia 5 - 9 Days

Australia/NZ 5 - 9 Days

Canada 5 - 9 Days

Caribbean 9 - 13 Days

Europe 4 - 8 Days

India 12 - 16 Days

Latin America 8 - 12 Days

Middle East 7 - 11 Days



Includes all Canadian addresses. The Canadian Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be added.



International shipping includes shipping for all locations not served by Domestic, Domestic Extensions, or Canadian shipping.


Fraudulent Charges Used to Purchase and Ship Merchandise to Inmates


Unlawful use of a credit card, credit card dumps (unauthorized digital copy of all the information contained in the magnetic strip of a credit card) or Credit Card Verification Numbers (CCV’s), or by any other fraudulent means, for the purchase of books, magazines and/or newspapers from SureShot Books Publishing LLC is strictly prohibited.  All fraudulent cases will be pursued and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


NOTE: The receiver of stolen property and the correctional facility will be notified of the inmate engaging in criminal activities. Charges will be placed on the inmate and our attorneys will provide PROOF of Delivery of items to the correctional facility, PROOF of the inmate receiving and accepting these items, and PROOF of tracking and credit card transaction(s).  SureShot Books Publishing LLC will present this information to the Judge who sentenced the inmate, the District Attorney assigned to inmate’s case, the inmate’s correctional facility warden, the local police department near inmate’s facility and the Internet Fraud Department.




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