Culture Is I-God I & II

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The Five Percent Nation are the Gods & Earths a Nation created by Allah the Father in the years 1963 thru 1969 (Allah the Father left the Noi and in "63" the first borne are lifted up into the Knowledge of Self, by 1964 there are 500 young Five Percent Brothers). Born Justice: "Peace God, Allah The Father, left Temple number 7 in 1963, First Born Prince and God Supreme say the same thing, Peace; He was teaching in the Temple in 1963 and left in June or July He was there for three an one half years 1960-1963. All men lie when they are afraid. Some tell many lies, some but a few. Some have only one great lie they tell so often that they almost come to believe it. . .though some small part of them will always know that it is a lie, and that will show up on their many faces.

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Publish Date: February 6, 2017