From The Dead Sea Scrolls: The Books of I Enoch and Jubilees: Re

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As a Seminary graduate, I find myself constantly researching ancient manuscripts (like the Dead Sea Scrolls) for additional insight into the historical and cultural significance of the Holy Scriptures. Some of what I\'ve discovered over the years is that \"The Book of 1Enoch\" is the second-most common extra-biblical Dead Sea Scroll manuscript. The most common is \"The Book of Jubilees.\" Interestingly, one of the most complete descriptions of the Prophet Enoch comes from the 4th Chapter of \"The Book of Jubilees.\" How did I get started on this journey? Well, over a decade after I graduated Northeastern Seminary in Rochester, NY, I listened to a teaching from one of my favorite contemporary Bible teachers, Dr. Dale Sides. He mentioned \"The Book of Enoch\" in a teaching called \"How God Is Able to Save His People.\" After a few days of meditating on that teaching, I began to search for an audiobook version of \"The Book of Enoch\" so that I could ingest large amounts of its content quickly. Reading was difficult at the time because I was on the road a lot. I found there was no professionally produced audio version of \"The Book of Enoch\" available. I then reached out to a Christian audiobook producer and voice talent, Steve Cook, and asked him if he were interested in producing 1Enoch. He thankfully agreed. In June of 2016, the semi-dramatized \"Book of Enoch Audiobook\" was released - this being \"I Enoch\", the other two books of Enoch (2Enoch & 3Enoch) had no ties to the Dead Sea Scrolls. Within a week, it was #1 in one Amazon category, and in the Top 20 of three others. Then in April of 2017, another Dead Sea Scroll project - \"The Book of Jubilees\" was released. Within one month, it also had reached #1 in it\'s Amazon category and has been a regular resident of the Top 5 ever since. Now you can listen to both \"The Book of I Enoch and Jubilees\" unabridged, and hear these timeless gems with the passion and clarity they deserve and here you can have a hard copy for your library to refer to as well!