How To Start a Foreclosure Cleanup-Property Preservation Busines

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RIDE THE WAVE OF FORECLOSURES TODAY! LEARN HOW TO START A FORECLOSURE CLEANUP-PROPERTY PRESERVATION BUSINESS NOW! Banks desperately NEED vendors to Clean, Repair, & Maintain their Foreclosed Homes! Banks Pay Literally Millions Of $$$ Each & Every Year For Foreclosure Cleaning & Property Preservation Services! The Average Vendor Cleans 8-20 Homes per Week and the Average Pay Ranges from $250 to Upwards of $2500 Per Property!!! EXCELLENT Hombased Business! Start Your New Business Part-Time or Full-Time! Become Your Own Boss and Set Your Own Hours! There is HUGE Income Potential in the Booming Foreclosure Cleaning Business! GET STARTED NOW! How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup-Property Preservation Business book teaches you how to Successfully Start & Run a Foreclosure Cleaning Business Immediately! It provides step by step detailed instructions for rekeys, boardups, lawn maintenance, trashouts, and more. Learn how to price your foreclosure cleaning bids for success! It comes complete with Over 40 REO Bank Direct Contacts to Sign Up with to get you up and running right away! Also, included in this book guide: *Top of the Line Industry REO Contacts *Expert Marketing Tips to Grow and Expand your New Business *Teaches you how & where to get the Foreclosure Cleaning Contracts *Includes HUD Guideline Tables to help you accurately price your bids This booming business has been showcased on Oprah, 20/20, & many news stations across the US! DON\'T WAIT-Banks NEED People Now To Clean Out their Bank Foreclosed Homes!