How to Start Your Own Shoe Company

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Do you dream of creating a shoe brand and starting a company? In the book, How to Start Your Own Shoe Company, you follow two start-up companies from initial launch to retail sales and marketing. Both companies have a unique style, budget, and business plan. In each of the 12 chapters a requirement or process is clearly described and you will learn how each of the two new shoe brands will best tackle this challenge.

How to Start Your Own Shoe Company will guide you through creating your brand identity, legally setting up your shoe company, and registering your trademarks. You will also learn how to design and manufacture your shoes, how to find the best shoe factory, and how to go about selling your shoes. Many other topics such as, importing shoes, working with international distributors, calculating profit margins, paying overseas vendors, and necessary capital requirements will also be covered so you can get your start-up moving forward right away.

How To Start Your Own Show Company is arranged in chronological order, following the shoe company start-up process from initial design, through development, production, sales, marketing, and distribution. There are more than 100 full color drawings, photos, charts, infographics, spreadsheets, and sample forms to clearly illustrate the complete process. This book will help you meet many challenges and be your complete guide to making your own shoe company come to life!

12 chapters, 170 pages, 115 full color photos, charts and graphs.

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 176 pages

Publish Date: 20 February 2017

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