Ruined Wife; Andrea's Story Part III: Husband's Tramp

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A Ruined Wife - The seductions, infidelities, and sexual encounters of ordinary housewives (threesome / gangbang / interracial / adultery / nympho) Andrea\'s Story, Part III: Husband\'s Tramp. The ordinary. That\'s the life of most people. We get up in the morning, we go through the work day waiting for it to end, and we come home to take care of our children and husbands. And then we go to bed, roll over, and ... it starts all over again. Day after day. Year after year. The drudgery of married life. I know . . . I\'ve experienced it myself for 16 years. But sex is not ordinary. Sex is extraordinary. But inevitably sex leaves the marriage after a period of years. And what do you do then? Suffer through life? This is a series that explores that question from the perspective of several married women, with loving husbands and often with young children. Some are younger ladies, and some are older. The results are the same -- a sexual awakening that changes their lives. They become ruined to the ordinary sexually-empty drudgery of the monogamous marriage. And their husbands become accepting and often participating cuckolds (archaically known as wittols). Is it a moral issue? I can\'t answer that question. It used to be that sexual awareness was a topic explored by men, and often (but not always) shunned by women. The men\'s stag films and the pulp fiction novels of the 50s and 60s changed dramatically with the advent of the Internet. Morals widened, sexual freedom has expanded, and pornography is secretly available to everyone virtually for free. And women are now active consumers. MILF is now a universally known word. That transformation of our society is what led to these stories. I do not pass judgment on these ladies or their husbands. I understand what a little on the side can do for one\'s outlook on life. The stories speak almost exclusively of the sexual encounters of ordinary housewives and mothers, women I would consider to be genuine ladies. These are the women who are your next-door neighbor, the gorgeous wife you see at the PTO meeting, that tremendously hot girl you see at the office every day. The places in these stories are everywhere, from their homes to their offices and everywhere in between. Be warned! The tales of these married women are not for the lighthearted. Unlike most books in this genre, these books are not romance novels and they are not stories of lovemaking. They are likewise not a collection of short stories that you have to read 10 pages to get to what you want, just to find that it\'s little or nothing. These are hard core, very explicit stories that get right to the point in great detail. They are XXX, no question about it. The wives present in graphic detail and usually from their perspective the circumstances that led to their seduction . . . blow by blow, so to speak. It\'s mainstream encounters, from the single seduction -- often forced for the first time - to threesomes and even the occasional gang action. Their partners are white, black, and everyone else. But there are no water sports, no bondage, no whips and chains, no beating of people, no animals, no children, no incest, and no weird sexual acts. If you need any of that sort of thing, then you will need to go elsewhere. You should also avoid these books if you are easily offended by filthy, sordid talk, because that is the essence of the seductions. So be careful! These books are so hot you\'ll burn yourself. This is the third book in Andrea\'s series. The book is so long that it had to be split into three parts. Part one is Reluctant Tramp, and part two is Seduced Tramp. So, if you want to hear the details of the seductions of this beautiful housewife and the endless sex she has come to need -- how she has become ruined to the ordinary drudgery of married life -- then read on. You will not be disappointed with her tales of infidelity!