Think and Grow Rich: The Complete Original Edition Plus Bonus Ma

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Napoleon Hill\'s life changing philosophy of success, originally published in 1937, has sold millions of copies and changed just as many lives. His simple, revolutionary 13 Steps to Riches form a philosophy of empowerment that will allow you to seize the life you want and achieve the success you\'ve dreamed of.

Think and Grow Rich has been credited with helping to inspire more people to become millionaires and billionaires than any other book in history. And now, in this new edition, it will bring the timeless message to the next generation. With the stunning, modern package, this unique edition features not only the original and complete 1937 text, but also includes two exciting pieces from Napoleon Hill--Let Ambition Be Your Master and What I Learned from Analyzing Ten Thousand People--that are only available here.

Important, practical, and transformative, Think and Grow Rich\'s wisdom will empower today\'s readers to create tomorrow\'s successes!

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