Training House: Box Set

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Pleasure in pain...pain in love... They come to the Training House to become immersed in the most powerful and extreme form of submission: absolute slavehood. It is only in this formal environment, and under the strict rules of their slave contracts, that their immense yearnings can be satisfied. Or can they? Aim?e arrives with a pure slave\'s heart, never expecting to find more than the fulfillment of a frightening and necessary sexual journey. Christopher has returned, as he always does. The baddest of bad slaves, he never truly expects to find anything beyond a temporary release. And then there\'s the Master... Master Damon owns the Training House. His is a life of carefully followed rules, the extremes of deviant and sensual creativity, and the heavy weight of responsibility. The Training House is a dreamworld where needs are denied and met at a Master\'s whims. But what happens when these rigid roles become fluid, and love is suddenly part of the game? Anyone could win-or everyone could lose it all.