Year of Us: A Couples Journal: One Question a Day to Spark Fun a

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Strengthen your connection-a daily journal for couples to explore and grow

Whether you\'ve been together a month or 25 years, there\'s always something new to learn about each other. A Year of Us is the couples journal that helps the two of you grow your connection through 365 days of insightful questions that explore your hopes, dreams, needs, wants, and more.

Covering everything from the lighthearted to the heartfelt, this couples journal makes it simple to start new conversations with each other-every day of the year. Strengthen your bond by examining questions of finance, sexuality, hopes, dreams, and even hobbies, improving your mutual understanding, and creating an even more solid foundation for your relationship.

A Year of Us: A Couples Journal features:

  • 365 days, 365 questions-What makes it hard for you to apologize? What were some of the most romantic moments from when you first started dating? Each entry offers a new opportunity to learn about each other.
  • A shared exploration-Reflect on yourselves and your relationship as you write in answers that can easily grow into full-fledged conversations that reach outside this couples journal.
  • Guided growth-See how the two of you change during the year with the help of opening and closing reflections that show you how this couples journal has affected your lives.

Communication is the key to every successful relationship, and this couples journal will help you develop that skill every day.