Bird & Dutch: 1.F4 and 1...F5 in Chess Openings

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You can play Bird's Opening and Dutch Defence and win! You do not worry about most other openings. The Bird and Dutch openings mirror each other. Amazon lists the original 2015 publication date, but this Kindle edition has been expanded to match the 2016 paperback edition of Bird & Dutch: 1.f4 and 1.f5 in Chess Openings with 124 games.

Author Tim Sawyer shares what it is like to play these openings or against them. He spent 45 years playing masters, experts and club players in tournament, correspondence and blitz games. You can always play 1.f4 as White. You play 1...f5 as Black against 1.d4 or 1.c4 or 1.Nf3 or anything except 1.e4. Try it! Bird's Opening begins with 1.f4.

It was promoted by Henry Bird. Later Tartakower and Larson tried it. Schwarz, Soltis, Schiller, Hayward, Taylor and Lakdawala have written on it. Tim Sawyer learned from them. Many masters, experts and club players like these openings.

The author has played them since the 1970s. Dealing with Dutch Defence 1...f5 chess opening surprises in your games can make you a better player. During the past 45 years Tim Sawyer has studied Dutch Defence theory in books by Smith, Schwarz, Bellin, Harding, Christiansen, Schiller, Martin, McDonald, Johnsen, Kindermann, Pinksi, and Williams, as well as many others.

Sometimes it is called the Hollandaise Defense. Related games are grouped together. They are full of interesting ideas. They tell about fascinating chess players. Examine a huge variety of openings from main lines to gambits. They provide creative ideas and ways to improve. Have fun playing chess!

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