Dancing in the Rain

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Conscious creativity combines essential elements conceived in solitude, silence, anger, joy, peace, love and grace. It also requires an audience. Dancing In The Rain is the actualization of peace in love when read, sometimes loud sometimes soft, by you, in Anger, Silence, Solitude and Loneliness. May enthusiastic joy be yours. When I walk into a room it becomes quiet and calm As if everyone is waiting for me to speak What will I say? I will tell them my Father sends his love and their souls will be healed \"I\'ve known Marcia Williams for over a decade. She is most significant and relevant of poets. Her understanding of human relationships and her fearlessness in getting to the core is what will touch readers in a most profound way\" -Dr. Linda Papadopoulos BA(Hons), MSc., PhD., CPsychol., CSci., AFBPsS \"A must-read. As a first time writer, Marcia has written quite simply one of the most heart-wrenching and identifiable book that\'s appealing even to a first time reader of inspired thoughts and otherwise.\" -Devon Haughton, Award winning Screenwriter/Producer, Superbob, Playwright, Big Yard, documentarian, From Happy Hill to Parliament Hill/Jean Augustine\'s Journey. \"A rare talent like Marcia\'s is an experience everyone should share in a lifetime. Her ability to capture intimate experiences of life breathes life into literary art. Once you have read Marcia\'s work you will understand the meaning of personal triumph. This is an adventure into the depths of emotion and the struggle through the return of love.\" -Jerry Ples BSc, Writer