Fallen Angels MC: The Full Series Boxset

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Creed: Book 1: Everything I wanted, I ran from after the worst tragedy imaginable. I used her and left her. When she shows back up at my clubhouse, I want her back but her past is hidden from me. When I learn what happened to her, I go all in. She\'s mine.Tank: Book 2: Cher was everything I wanted and needed. Our lives didn\'t match but I knew in my heart I couldn\'t let her go. Our pathes crossed and to me that was destiny. Her past comes back to haunt us both and she questions my love for her. Now I have to handle her demons and prove my love. Ryker: Book 3: We went in looking for some girls that had been taken. I promised her I would get her out and when I did, we learned who she was. Now I\'m married to a rivals daughter and fighting to keep her safe. Final Ride: Book 4: We\'ve lost family over the period of our days together. We\'ve worked hard to build what we have. The club is in disarray. Our lives aren\'t our own. The end is coming. Will you be there to take the Final Ride?